5 Mental Illnesses Affecting Old People

Grandparents are the best. Nuff said. But as they get older, they are more likely to get mental diseases that can affect memory loss and clear thinking. Check out these common mental illnesses that can harm your grandparents.


Dementia affects the brains of senior citizens causing memory loss, hallucinations, personality change, and inability to talk or think. Most forms of dementia can’t be cured.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. It slowly destroys memories and thinking skills. Victims progressively lose their ability to talk, think, and remember.


A stroke happens when blood flow in the brain suddenly stops. After a stroke, old people may develop memory loss or confusion, trouble walking, trouble speaking, and numbness in parts of their body.


Psychosis is a disease that causes elderly people to lose touch with reality. Psychosis symptoms include hallucinations, delusions (weird beliefs), and impaired decision making.

Parkinson’s Disease

Caused by a loss of brain cells, Parkinson’s has no cure. People suffering from Parkinson’s often have body shakes, especially in their hands. They may also develop unsteady balance, rigid muscles, and slow movements.