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Alleviating a Doctor Visit for Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Taking an elderly loved one with Alzheimer's to a doctor visit can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be with a few simple tricks to plan ahead.
Alzheimer's Care: Doctor Visit Devon, PA
Alzheimer's Care: Doctor Visit Devon, PA

Getting a senior with Alzheimer’s to the doctor can be difficult both for caregivers and for seniors. The logistics of getting a senior parent with Alzheimer’s to a doctor visit can require a lot of planning. But there are some tips and tricks that family caregivers can use to make it easier to get a senior parent with Alzheimer’s to the doctor and back home without a lot of anxiety, chaos, or struggle.

Alzheimer's Care: Doctor Visits Devon, PA
Alzheimer’s Care: Doctor Visit Devon, PA

Get Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s care for seniors can make it much easier to get seniors ready to go to a doctor visit. Experienced Alzheimer’s care providers can make sure that your senior parent is showered and has their hair combed and their teeth brushed. They can also make sure that your senior parent is dressed and ready to go to the appointment when you get there. That way getting your parent to the doctor doesn’t have to be an all day event for you. It’s very helpful to have Alzheimer’s providers take care of getting your senior loved one ready to go so you can focus on the appointment.

Look Into A Home Doctor Visit

Some doctors now offer home doctor visits for seniors with medical conditions like Alzheimer’s that make it very difficult for them to go to a medical facility or doctor’s office. Ask your senior parent’s doctor if they offer in home doctor visits or know of any doctors in the area that do. You will also have to be sure that your senior parent’s insurance will cover at home visits. But if the insurance will cover it and your senior parent’s doctor offers the service it’s definitely worth it.

Bring Someone With You

If there’s no other option besides taking your senior parent to a medical facility or office it can be very helpful to bring someone with you, like an Alzheimer’s care provider. That way the person that you bring with you can help get your parent inside the building while you park and make sure that you have all their insurance information, medical information, and anything else that you need for the visit. And if you have someone with you then you will have backup to watch your senior parent while you check in at the front desk or in case you need to use the bathroom.

Pack Like You’re Planning For A Trip

You should always have a bag of essentials with you when you are taking your senior loved one anywhere if they have Alzheimer’s. Your bag should contain extra briefs and a change of clothes as well as extra socks, extra gloves, and an extra hat if it’s cold out. A sweater or jacket should be in there too. And there should be snacks and a couple of bottles of water along with baby wipes, tissues, lip balm, and anything else that you or they might possibly need.


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